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Quickly figure out what time you need to go to sleep, wake up and leave.



What is This Site?

Clockulator is a web app designed and developed by Christopher Calabrese to help people quickly and easily determine what time they should go to bed, wake up and leave their homes so they can arrive at a detination in a timely manner.


The need for Clockulator arose from a time when I had to be at work at different times and locations. The nightly chore of looking up train departure and arrival times, figuring out my door-to-door commute time, determining how long it would take me to get ready in the morning and finally adding that time up and subtracting it from my train’s departure time was starting to become time consuming and annoying. I thought there had to be a simpler way so I searched on iTunes for an app. To my surprise, an app that met my needs did not exist.

In the summer of 2013, I took a front-end web development class with General Assembly in NYC and decided that my idea for Clockulator web app would be perfect as a final project. Ever since then, I have been developing the app for public use.

A special thanks to my friend Ben Dewar, Director of Tech Operations at Eyeview, Inc. for suggesting the name 'Clockulator'.

Browser & Device Compatibility

The app should run fine on any modern browser (sorry, not IE8 compatible) as well as any iPhone or Android. However, since the iPhone 4S and 5C were the two phones that I owned while developing Clockulator web app, the site is most optimized for use on those devices running iOS v6.0 and above. While the app may appear to run okay on iOS v5.0, there is a major calculation bug that I have encountered, so I would not recommend using it with that version. It is yet to be determined if older Android operating systems suffer from the same problem

Setting Alarms

Setting alarms from Clockulator works best using an iOS device such as an iPhone. Due to technical limitations, this web app will not actually set an alarm using your iPhone’s Clock app. Instead, it uses an iCal event to trigger a new calendar event using your iPhone’s Calendar app. Although I have not been sucessful at getting this feature to work with Android's native calendar app, the Android browser will attempt to login to your google calendar account to create an event.

Bugs (submit a bug)

Please keep in mind that this is a beta version of Clockulator. For its initial release, there are likely to be some bugs that need to be fixed. Already, I am learning that there are things I would have done differently if I had more experience when I started this project. Being that this is a beta version, if you involved with a profession where someone’s life depends on your punctual arrival, I would not recommend relying soley on this product. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Future Versions

Future releases of Clockulator will include additional functionality to the extent of my ability, fix any bugs that I encounter or learn about. Perhaps, one day, I’ll even make Clockulator into an actual iPhone and/or Android app!